Public Relations

Big PR believes

PR is not optional. Whether you take control and develop a commu­nic­ations strategy or not, people will make assumptions about your brand and your business.

What can Big PR do for you?

  • Create awareness
  • Build brand credentials/​positioning
  • Differ­entiate
  • Manage reputations
  • Drive sales

How does Big PR do it?

How does Big PR do it?

Strategic services

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Stakeholder/​Media (off & online) audits
  • Crisis commu­nic­ations
  • CSR
  • Internal commu­nic­ations

Tactical services

  • Media relations (Photo calls, press releases, case studies, features, briefings, events and training)
  • Social media (Campaign/​community management)
  • Video and photography
  • Competitions/promotions/ award schemes
  • Event management
  • ePR (e.g. seeding/​blogger outreach, e-​​newsletters)
  • Public­ations
  • Exper­i­ential

Boost Up Your Selfie

Boost Up Your Selfie!

Challenger brand Boost Drinks wanted a consumer campaign that would help drive sales of its energy range in a way that would also showcase its Champion Of The Independent retailer positioning.

Our Big idea didn't disappoint.

In Focus: iBeacons

In Focus: iBeacons

There’s been much talk about iBeacons over the last year or so.