Putting Thorpe Park fans in the action

Fusing social media technology, video and user-generated content to create a real buzz about a new attraction…

Thorpe Park - The Swarm
Thorpe Park - The Swarm
Thorpe Park - The Swarm



Thorpe Park turned to Big to drive awareness, create and sustain excitement, stimulate conver­sation and generate bookings for Thorpe Park’s latest white-​​knuckle experience. So we strapped ourselves in and off we went.


We discovered that there was a large group of roller­coaster enthu­siasts that already chat and speculate about the details of new rides – with names, themes and ride-​​types being hot topics. Speaking to these people directly, we created an initial buzz by conjuring up a background story in the style of a movie trailer on the Thorpe Park Facebook page, teasing the audience with a glimpse of what to expect.

Through a staged approach we launched a microsite fusing social media technology, Google Maps and Street View to create a fully immersive and person­alised digital experience, trans­porting the apocalypse to people’s homes.

Visitors to the site were encouraged to share THE SWARM with their friends for a chance to win a place on one of the first public rides. Exclusive ride footage and conspiracy theories were also ‘leaked’ to a dedicated Facebook page, keeping audiences engaged in the build up to the launch of the ride in Spring 2012.

Big results

It’d be great to show you the results and more edge-​​of-​​the-​​seat work we’ve done for Thorpe Park in person. So if you’d like a coffee and informal chat, please contact our Client Director (he doesn’t bite):




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